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Junior Symphony Orchestra

Junior Symphony Orchestra
Hi Phil

Remember Anne Fairweather, the clarinettist from JSO?

You driving me home from rehearsal in your old Holden EH?

Well that's me!

Still in Melbourne - 3 kids (21, 19, 16) and working in the private education system. Divorced for 15 years. Re educated in IT (software development and applications)

Would like to hear from you....

Cheers Annie

Impressed by your web page -

Impressed by your web page - just viewing to see how you are!

see you soon

love Ruth

Hello from Sri Lanka

Hello from Sri Lanka

Hi Phil,

My name is Shiran and my wife is Sunimali, we are from Sri Lanka, I think you have visited Sri Lanka couple of weeks back.

You have left your business card with a hardwear owner close to the Air Port during your visit. He is related to us and he gave me your card and asked me to go in to your site and see whether you have put their pictures in your site. That is why I am here.

I saw your Guest Book and thought of saying hi to you and sign in. Hope you don't mind it.

So its a pleasure for me to get to know you I wish you and Amanda all the very best in your lives.

Best Regards
Shiran & Sunimali

i don't remember exactly how

i don't remember exactly how i stumbled onto to your web site, but, i have had it as one my favorites because of the layout and design . you have done an excellent job. Thanks.

from ontario canada

from ontario canada

Found your web site

Found your web site

Whilst playing, Richard found your web site. We would have one too, but Nicolas made us take all reference to him out in the summer, and Victoria finally demaded that she be removed in September, so we are now working on a new one with only us! Love to you both.


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